A team helping you do what moves you - differently

We’re focused on creating a seamless transition between mortgages and homeownership.

At Coastal Blue our goal is to help you connect with all the information you need – whether you’re looking to purchase, refinance, invest or just looking at your local market.

Coastal Blue began with an idea of wanting to do things differently. By delivering a technologically forward real estate service, designed and developed for the people of tomorrow, we wanted to revolutionize the traditional and create an elevated sales experience for all our clients.

By being able to produce and deploy engaging content for the marketplace in house – getting your property out in front of more eyes, and highlighting the key points that makes your development unique.




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Meet the leadership behind Coastal Blue

An executive team with backgrounds tailored to helping you do what moves you.

Nick Atwal


Nick Atwal is an award-winning mortgage broker and the Founder of Coastal Blue Mortgages. His broad range of knowledge in the mortgage industry comes from his time spent employed at one of the largest Credit Unions in Canada. Nick then later made the jump to one of the largest banks in Canada as Manager of Real Estate Lending. He specializes in Residential, Private and Construction financing. Nick’s vision was to open a brokerage where efficiency met transparent high-level mortgage solutions for all his clients. He founded Coastal Blue Mortgages to provide a level of service his clients deserve.

Bojan Sever

Senior Mortgage Broker

Bojan, a skilled mortgage advisor, has 5 years of experience in financial services, specializing in Wealth Management, Insurance and Commercial Lending. With a financial planning background, he takes a holistic view of client needs, seeking the best terms for their unique situations. By assessing their full financial picture, he provides peace of mind and savings during the mortgage process, ensuring clients can secure financing for their dream home.

Aman Rattanpal

Associate Mortgage Broker

Aman Rattanpal is a Licensed Mortgage Broker with Coastal Blue, as a trusted Mortgage Broker he can help with all kinds of mortgage transactions (Purchase, Refinance, Renewal). Aman strives to give his clients the best and works tirelessly to help them achieve their goals. Aman guides his client’s most important financial decisions while making the experience rewarding and stress-free. Anyone can rest assured that Aman will make the real estate process an exciting and effortless one.

Pramen Chhokar

Associate Mortgage Broker

Pramen’s 5 years in lending have refined his mortgage brokering skills, especially in connecting with clients. He attentively listens and clearly communicates, showing empathy and patience in guiding them towards informed decisions. With an analytical approach, he evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of mortgage products, catering his recommendations to meet clients’ financial needs and goals.

Jas Kaur

Executive Assistant

I’m a dedicated Executive Assistant with a passion for simplifying the path to homeownership. With a keen eye for detail and a customer-centred approach, I’m committed to guiding you through the mortgage process with ease. My extensive knowledge of mortgage options, interest rates, and financial terms allows me to provide personalized advice tailored to your unique situation. Having honed my skills in the financial industry, I excel at assisting clients in making informed decisions about their home financing journey. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, I am here to provide clear explanations, streamline paperwork, and ensure a seamless experience from application to closing. Trust me to be your reliable partner, dedicated to turning your homeownership dreams into a reality. Let’s navigate the world of mortgages together and secure your future with confidence.

Devin Bains

Business Development Manager, Mortgage Broker

Devin is born and raised in Vancouver and has spent time in different real estate related industries over the years. He is a licensed builder with BC Housing and is very experienced managing construction projects. He has built homes in the lower mainland for the last 5 years. He can help you budget for your next dream home. He can work with you in multiple scenarios, from applying for a construction mortgage to refinancing your current home, he is confident he can find a solution for you.